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Inspiring biker / riding headband - I can and I will
Inspiring biker / riding headband - I can and I will

Inspiring biker / riding headband - I can and I will

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This is a great addition your head-wear wardrobe if you love to be inspired.  "I can and I will" - motivate others by just wearing it!

This headband is light, soft, high quality fabric. It is also designed by the owner Denay!  Protect your ears from windburn, tame any crazy hair with a cute style, and let it wick away the sweat off your forehead. Not only does it keep the sweat away but it keeps your pesky bangs from sticking to your forehead or getting in your eyes.

The headband is not only great for motorcycle enthusiasts but it is great for athletes, vigorous workouts,and also fantastic to wear while cleaning or doing any type of activity where you do not want to think about your hair or sweat running down your forehead. Wear it to yoga, while running, biking, blading, or playing sports.

The cloth fabric is 4 inches wide and 9.45 inches in length on each side. Stretch it,and it will be stretchy to 14 inches or more per side which means it will cover a diameter from 20 to 25 inches around your head. It is very versatile and fits many different head shapes without being too tight. This is a great accessory for teens and women.

Get the It's Ridic! headband today so you have a favorite go-to-accessory to tame that mane for whatever needs you have in your daily routine. Look and feel fabulous!