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About Us

It's Ridic!, LLC enjoys offering online retail goods; technical support to the Knoxville, IA community; and the entrepreneurial owners are excited to start sharing the techniques we have used to get to where we are today.

It's Ridic!, LLC holds the trademark for "It's Ridic!" which is awesome; it is our favorite saying. Why do we love the saying? As we journey through life we find life is full of ridiculously fun and ridiculously frustrating events... and it's easy to just shout out or murmur - "It's Ridic!" :)

Founded in Knoxville, IA on June 5, 2015, IT'S RIDIC! LLC is unique to dig in and learn about anything new that comes our way (just rolling with the punches).
  • The eCommerce side of the business focuses on selling products we love to use at competitive prices. We strive to provide the lowest possible cost on the items we love. 
  • The technical support side of the business is dedicated to helping local businesses and residents in Knoxville, IA ease any computer frustration. 
  • The educational side of the business will help other entrepreneurs learn what we feel has been important along the way. Starting up in the online world can be somewhat overwhelming. We are the "rescue the stray dog" personalities and would like to help anyone interested in what we have to say become a little less overwhelmed managing their online business.

The company will offer great products with guaranteed satisfaction. Our customer support/service will be courteous, friendly, and convenient.

Management Team (also owned and operated by)

Denay Marsh and Nate Dalo

Denay Marsh – Chief Executive Officer with over 20 years of technology / business experience. Her passion is to someday create jobs within her community. With a MIS degree/CIS minor from the University of Northern Iowa, Denay has worked through years of technical support, project coordination, and documentation building. EMC Insurance Companies helped kick off her career in the technology field while her work with JDS Solutions Corporation furthered her business concepts knowledge. Denay came to the realization business concepts/design were more her passion than computers and moved onto this realm at JDS. The passion for business concepts took her to the position of Director of the Implementation Department at JDS. Wanting to implement and learn new business practices but create more jobs within her community; she has moved on to owning/running the business operations of IT'S RIDIC! LLC.


Nate Dalo  – Chief Technology Officer with over 20 years of self taught/college/on the job computer knowledge. With the passion of problem solving and programming, Nate can solve a wide variety of problems and develop complex applications to drive efficiency. From an Electro-Optical Ordnance Repair Technician in the United States Marine Corps to a Technical Support Engineer for ISC Group, LLC. to a Tier 2 Technical Support Rep at JDS Solutions Corp to an independent contractor for multiple companies; Nate has a variety of projects and implementations to improve efficiency under his belt. His task for IT'S RIDIC! LLC – to improve business efficiency between our selling outlets and accounting methodologies.

Head Office – 601 S. 3rd St, Knoxville, IA 50138.