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Black Cheer Bow Ponytail holder
Cheer Ponytail Ribbon –navy blue white and grey
Cheer Ponytail Ribbon – royal blue and white
Cheer Ponytail Ribbon –red white and blue
Cheer Ponytail Ribbon – red and black
Cheer Ponytail Ribbon – black and yellow

Cheer Ribbon Boutique Style Ponytail holder (Set if 5)

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Product Description

Quality boutique style ribbons attached to a Ponytail Holder. Perfect for team matching, dance, cheerleaders, cheer teams , drill teams, and showing off team spirit, The ribbon is made from high quality ribbon; not that paper stuff normally tied to a balloon. You will be impressed with the high quality fabric used to make the hair ties.
Currently we carry the following color combinations in the bouncy ribbon hair tie.
Red, white, and blue ribbon with white ponytail holder
Red and black ribbon with black ponytail holder
Black ribbon with black ponytail holder
Black and yellow ribbon with white ponytail holder
Navy blue and white ribbon with blue ponytail holder
Navy blue, white, and grey ribbon with blue ponytail holder

Multiple Color combinations to match Team uniforms for bouncy ribbon ponytail holder (Red, Black, Yellow, White, Blue, Navy)

High Quality Fabric to keep curly ribbon shape

The ribbon hair ties are made from high quality fabric, not the balloon type ribbon you are used to seeing that will shred or fall apart. These are long lasting and will keep that bounce and curl for your sporting events, dance events, cheer-leading, drill, and more.

Royal Blue and White Boutique bouncy ribbon Style Ponytail holder