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Purple and Yellow 32-panel pellet Hacky Sack

Spiral 32 panel Pellet filled Hacky Sack aka footbag

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  • ​32-panel footbag (more panels = more round = more controlled hacks!)
  • 37 Grams of Pellet-filled Awesomeness!
  • Pellet-filled - makes setting records easy!
  • Hand Stitched - very durable product
  • Bright Colors make it easy to see
  • Synthetic Suede Amara (also called as Amara Synthetic Leather) is a high strength fabric with superior durability


It's Ridic! offers the Spiral 32-panel hacky sack. In 2015 Our goal was to find a footbag (aka "HACK") which would allow us to meet our end of the summer record and it did with 100 hacks!

The 32-panels of high quality synthetic suede create a more round hack which leads to more linear and controlled kicks.

The 32-panels have HAND double stitched seams making it not only feel awesome but it will also last and last.

The higher the number of panels on a hack, the more round and more controlled you can make it..

32-panel bags do not stall as easily as a "dirt bag" or "sand hack," but set truer from the foot, allowing for more complex tricks.

Filling this hack with pellets instead of sand gives it that pop that leads to more air time (so yes, it can get wild but more chances for crazy saves!).


Enjoy this hack in any hack setting!!

Great for Circle kicking

Players stand in a circle and keep the bag moving around the circle, with the goal of keeping the bag from touching the ground. The game starts when one player picks up the sack and tosses it to the chest of another player, who allows it to fall to his feet so he can kick it, and play begins. Play continues until the sack falls to the ground, then a player picks up the sack and the game resumes. The object of the game is to keep the sack off the ground for as long as possible. If every player gets a touch to the sack before it hits the ground, it is called a 'hack'. If every player gets two touches before the sack hits the ground, it is called a 'double-hack' and so on and so forth.

Freestyle footbag

Freestyle footbag is a sport in which the object is to perform tricks with the bag.The ending position of the footbag on one trick becomes the starting position of the footbag on the next trick. Tricks are created by combining different components between contacts with the bag (contacts can be either stalls or kicks, though stalls are more frequent). Components include spins, dexterities (using a leg to circle or cross the footbag's path in mid-air), jumps, and ducks (letting the footbag pass a few inches above the neck). Contacts are usually on the inside of the foot behind the opposite support leg (Clipper Stall) or on the toe, however many inventive possibilities remain and are used to create an endless list of tricks.

Footbag net 

In footbag net, players (either playing individually or with a partner) volley a footbag back and forth over a five-foot-high net.This game combines elements of tennis, badminton, and volleyball. The court dimensions and layout are similar to those of badminton; the scoring is similar to the old scoring system in volleyball (a player must be serving to score); and serves must be diagonal, as in tennis. Footbag net games can be played to 11 or 15 points, although the winners must win by at least two points. Rallies in footbag net look a lot like volleyball (e.g., bump, set, and spike), with players spiking from an inverted position in mid-air (over the net) and opponents often digging very fast spikes into bumps or sets. Play in footbag net is very similar to Sepak Takraw. However, in footbag net, it is an "upper-body foul" if the footbag touches any part of a player's body above the shin.