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BEST Shock Pen - set of 5 - Hilarious Gag
BEST Shock Pen - set of 5 - Hilarious Gag
BEST Shock Pen - set of 5 - Hilarious Gag

BEST Shock Pen - set of 5 - Hilarious Gag

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Make your friends and family laugh with the ultimate gag gift - the It's Ridic! electric shocking pen. This gadget is a hilarious practical joke to give a shock to your co-workers, friends, or family. It really is funny to see someone press the button to get the pen out and find themselves wide eyed and "shocked". lol
Set of 5
You receive 5 shocking pens with your order. Place them in with your normal Pens, scattered about on a desk or drop them on someone else's desk to test out the practical joke.
The pens really do write however they are made to give a jolt to anyone trying to use them.
  • Amuse your co-workers by shocking other co-workers
  • Hours of laughter and fun
  • Click the button - feel a small shock
  • Friends with Pacemakers should not be handed the pen.
  • Works when you get it! Batteries included.

    Shock that office Pen thief

    Have an office friend that always takes your pens - put a group of 5 of these on your desk; they will think twice about ever taking a pen from you again after getting shocked.

    Safe, harmless, and Funny

    The pens are battery powered (batteries included). While they are not recommended for people with pacemakers, they are harmless and give off a low level shock to just stun your friends, co-workers, or family. They work to get a good laugh and have a funny memory / conversation piece down the road.